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Blossom Elegance

Blossom Elegance

€ 430,00Price

Handmade 3D artwork, a vase full of flowers that strikes a balance between the familiar and the artistic. I handcrafted these distinctive flowers using plywood and MDF, giving them a unique touch.These flowers offer a touch of artistic flair while retaining their unmistakable floral charm. Their shapes may be a little unconventional, but you'll instantly recognize the essence of the blooming petals and leaves.

Whether you choose to make it a centerpiece or part of your home decor, this 3D art celebrates the beauty of flowers with a creative twist decorating and adding a dimmension to your walls.






    Made from plywood and MDF, hand painted with acrylic and varnished.

    Size: 40 x 50 cm

    Frame included.

    All my artworks are unique, i don't use any mold so every piece is one of a kind. 

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